Well, the 2010 Eels Performing Live tour is in full swing, and now that Tomorrow Morning has been released the setlists are changing from how they were at the beginning of the tour. E had previously declared that he’ll never play a song live until it’s been released on CD. So old Eels hits are being shouldered out by tracks from Tomorrow Morning. And judging by the bootlegs, they should pretty cool.

The setlists now are made primarily of tracks from Hombre Lobo, End Times, and Tomorrow Morning, and that’s interesting. Actually, in the setlist posted below, all but seven are from the three latest Eels albums. It’s time for the new stuff to shine, I guess. Neat.

“Jungle Telegraph” makes its first appearance live, which is totally awesome. Covers include a take on the Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer in the City.” Oh, and “Mister E’s Beautiful Blues” takes on a Beatlesque “Twist and Shout” vibe. Double neat.

So¬†here’s the setlist¬†plucked from the August 30th concert at Paradiso in Amsterdam. The set changes by bits and pieces from date to date, naturally, but you can get the idea.

01. Daisies of the Galaxy
02. What I Have to Offer
03. End Times
04. Prizefighter
05. She Said Yeah
06. Gone Man
07. Summer in the City
08. Tremendous Dynamite
09. In My Dreams
10. In My Younger Days
11. Paradise Blues
12. Jungle Telegraph
13. My Beloved Monster
14. Spectacular Girl
15. Fresh Blood
16. Dog Faced Boy
17. That Look You Give That Guy
18. Souljacker, Part I
19. Mister E’s Beautiful Blues
20. I Like Birds
21. Summertime
22. Looking Up
23. I Like the Way This is Going
24. That’s Not Her Way
25. Baby Loves Me
26. Oh So Lovely

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