This blog will be on indefinite hiatus from now on. I need to find something more rewarding.

Still, I’ve been thinking about what life lessons there are to be learned from E’s music, and below are a few things I’ve taken away from some of his songs.

Thanks, E.

“Daisies of the Galaxy”
The world is not ending, though it certainly feels that way sometimes. Any effort to cheer someone up, no matter how small, is always welcome.

“Somebody Loves You”
You’re a better friend to yourself than anyone else ever could be.

“I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man” (Prince cover)
You can always teach an old song new tricks.

“I Like Birds”
Life is hard enough; help the little guys out.

“Things the Grandchildren Should Know”
Your grandchildren are going to be fascinated by what you did today. Seriously. Live some good stories to tell them.

“Useless Trinkets”
Sometimes you have to leave things behind. Don’t be afraid. It’s just the way things are. You’ll leave most things behind sooner or later.

“A Line in the Dirt”
There’s never an easy way out of some things, but it’s not fair to let them go on.

“Oh So Lovely”
You are always changing, and you will be stunned to realize what incredible things you’ll grow into when you’re ready.

“Brave Little Soldier”
Always leave a little something to dream about.

“PS, You Rock My World”
Well, if you don’t get this one already, I just don’t know what to say.