So my South African friends and I stumble back home at 3am in Andong, “cultural center of Korea,” and one of them turns on the television just to see if anything good is on. (Hint: there never is here.)

I wasn’t drunk, but I thought I was either inebriated or hallucinating when from out of nowhere I heard an Eels song. On Korean TV! At 3am!

Someone on the TV show — a news program, I think — seemed to be interviewing Korean high school boys about something. They were all pimply faced and in school uniforms. And the whole time I just heard “Let’s Ruin Julie’s Birthday.” What the heck!

Unfortunately, my SA friends seemed thoroughly non-plussed that a) my favorite band are the Eels and b) one of the band’s obscure songs was on Korean TV at 3am. So we turned the TV off and went to sleep. Hrm.