This is one of the rare times when E steps outside of his “persona” and writes about someone else’s life experiences. The tale goes that an engineer told a story about how his dad used to encourage him to pick fights with other kids at the bus stop. Given that we don’t know when this song was written, it would be both difficult (and probably intrusive) to speculate about the identity of the engineer. But it might be Koool G Murder. Read the rest of this entry »



“Why is true love hard to find, why does true love hide?” sweetly and naively asks E in Hombre Lobo‘s “Beginner’s Luck.”

Well, it can be hard to find, sure, but it doesn’t hide. True love is blind, right? So maybe love is seeking you out all along, but, being blind, it doesn’t follow a straight line. I guess that’s why you hold hands when it appears; so it doesn’t get lost again.

At any rate, the bells chiming on “Beginner’s Luck” always make me smile. And it’s great that in the song, no one’s promising every problem will be solved and it’s smooth sailing from now on, but he’s very definitely pledging lifelong friendship and unalloyed love. That’s quite a bargain!

Something in the phrasing tidily skirts any hint of pessimism. I get the feeling this guy will still have a crush on his wife when they’re old and grey. And there’s your true love, Mr. E.

I talk to animals all of the time. I stopped at a pet store just the other day and went around talking to all the cats and mice and finches and such. It occurred to me how much I imprint personalities on the stray cats in my back alley, &c. And then I listened to “Little Bird” soon after.

When reviewers mentioned “Little Bird” in their reviews of End Times, they often said E sounded like some lame loser who talked to birds because he didn’t have any real friends. Well, that’s just a stupid thing to say. Anyone who makes a point of taking care of little animals–myself and E included–can attest to how restorative and pleasant a little chit-chat with birds or kittens or chipmunks can be. And that’s why “Little Bird” is such a wonderful song.

Zip over to the official website for the track listing and cover of Tomorrow Morning (along with more information on the upcoming tour and such). Looks pretty nice. Or if you can’t wait…

01. In Gratitude for This Magnificent Day
02. I’m a Hummingbird
03. The Morning
04. Baby Loves Me
05. Spectacular Girl
06. What I Have to Offer
07. This is Where It Gets Good
08. After the Earthquake
09. Oh So Lovely
10. The Man
11. Looking Up
12. That’s Not Her Way
13. I Like the Way This is Going
14. Mystery of Life

A live version of “What I Have to Offer” can be heard on the January 17, 2008 bootleg from E’s Things the Grandchildren Should Know release party at St. James’s Church in London. It’s pleasant, and it bodes well for the rest of the album.

Tourdates are available on the official website. The Eels are spanning the globe yet again, from Australia to Japan, across the US and all over Europe, so be sure to check out the dozens of dates. (And perhaps ask someone out on such a date?)

As it happens, I’ll be attending the September 26 show at Washington, DC’s 9:30 Club, which happens to be the day before my birthday. So certainly Obama will show up.

Tomorrow Morning will be a new 14-track album released in August 2010, a couple of weeks after the Eels kick off their next world tour. Yay!

Stay tuned for further updates.

Update: Today (Yesterday’s Tomorrow)

The Eels word of the day is morning. Or do they mean mourning?

Visiting the Eels official website gets you the image above. We’re thinking they’ll announce a full tour schedule tomorrow (May 19), though it could just as easily be, say, a new album called Tomorrow. Huh? Kinda looks like an ad for feminine hygiene products–optimistic ones.

Hey, check it out: AOL/Spinner really, really likes Mr. Dr. Mark Oliver Everett–Twisted Tales: Eels’ Mark Oliver Everett Sort of Follows in His Genius Dad’s Footsteps Read the rest of this entry »

Okay, maybe it’s not the smallest cameo ever. It’s not even the most clever (that would be Hitchcock’s award). Still, check out this bulletin board from the American sci-fi drama FlashForward. Notice anybody’s BL&OR promotional photo? He’s even got his pa right next to him.

As points out, creators of the show are Eels fans and of course predicate a good deal of their show’s premise on the work of E’s dad, quantum mechanic Hugh Everett III. It’s a good show, all things said, but what a strange place for E to pop up!

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