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Well, the 2010 Eels Performing Live tour is in full swing, and now that Tomorrow Morning has been released the setlists are changing from how they were at the beginning of the tour. Read the rest of this entry »



“Why is true love hard to find, why does true love hide?” sweetly and naively asks E in Hombre Lobo‘s “Beginner’s Luck.”

Well, it can be hard to find, sure, but it doesn’t hide. True love is blind, right? So maybe love is seeking you out all along, but, being blind, it doesn’t follow a straight line. I guess that’s why you hold hands when it appears; so it doesn’t get lost again.

At any rate, the bells chiming on “Beginner’s Luck” always make me smile. And it’s great that in the song, no one’s promising every problem will be solved and it’s smooth sailing from now on, but he’s very definitely pledging lifelong friendship and unalloyed love. That’s quite a bargain!

Something in the phrasing tidily skirts any hint of pessimism. I get the feeling this guy will still have a crush on his wife when they’re old and grey. And there’s your true love, Mr. E.

The following is a brief overview of the Eels’ catalog, including a few albums that weren’t marketed as Eels but which obviously still are.

If you’re just finding out about E and his wonderful music, welcome. And enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Hmm. T’would seem, based on listings on HMV and, that “A Line in the Dirt” will be released as a single in support of End Times.

The listings indicate the single will be released on 7″ vinyl on March 1, 2010. British stores tend to list these things first, so there’s not yet any information on whether the single will be sold in the US. If you’ll recall, Hombre Lobo‘s “My Timing is Off/Fresh Blood” was UK-only. Nuts.

It remains to be seen which song will back “A Line in the Dirt.” A new b-side would be great, though more likely there are enough good songs from End Times (and it’s bonus EP) to fill the role. Wait and see.

The Eels’ song “The Longing”, from this year’s Hombre Lobo, is being used in a “rough cut” ad for Padma Lakshmi’s jewelry collection. Read the rest of this entry »

The Eels made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, performing “Tremendous Dynamite” and a little snippet of “My Beloved Monster”.

Unexpectedly, former Eel Tommy Walter was there on stage next to E! And while Hell froze over, I was tucked into bed, asleep by 10pm. Fortunately, we can all catch the performance on YouTube:

Estranged Friends member Embryo had this information to share (I’m not sure where he got it):


6 tracks recorded at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles (a classic studio used by Bob Dylan, the Stones, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Steely Dan and many more) for a MySpace promotion.. MySpace will only have 5 of these tracks for their give-away, and otherwise vinyl is the ONLY place to find these versions!

4 re-recordings of tracks from the “Hombre Lobo” album plus a track from 1996’s “Beautiful Freak” album, and a Bob Dylan cover (“Girl From The North Country”).

Release date … 25th August 2009

And Berni had this to add about The Village:

“Right off the bat, you can’t help but like The Eels. Founded by singer/songwriter, “E”, their feel is as earnest and melodic as a Sunday swaying in your hammock. The music on the latest album sounds like haunting lullabies and refreshingly innovative rock songs rolled into one classic collection. MySpace Music brought this band that is known for doing covers of old favorites, into Studio A with engineer Chris Owens. The Eels played some old tunes, some new tunes, and some somber blue tunes, but all of it was fantastic. The session was followed by an interview, and in their quirky vintage style, it will be
released on vinyl.”

And then Edgar tossed this on the pile: A link to a preview of the sessions on MySpace (starts at 3’43”).


Somebody somewhere (my factchecking is unparalleled) shared photos of the Hombre Lobo LP in both of its alternative coloring editions. Thought you might like to see them. (Oh, I forgot the mention that someone’s found a copy of Hombre Lobo on clear vinyl.) Read the rest of this entry »

Good news for me, potentially unfortunate news for others: I’ve just been informed that the colored vinyl Hombre Lobo LP I received last week is a fluke. That is, all copies were supposedly intended to be regular black vinyl, but a snafu at the pressing plant resulted in gold-yellow LPs randomly mailed out to folks who bought the album.

If that was a mistake, then, as Eels representative Jake puts it, it’s “a really cool mistake.” Indeed!

I was lucky enough to land a copy without even trying. I was not aware of colored vinyl LPs, but the cover has a sticker saying “Limited Edition Color Vinyl”, so hallelujah. You may or may not want to order your own copy, but bear in mind you may just get a regular black vinyl copy (which is still really cool). I’m not sure what the ratio of colored to black vinyl LPs is.

Neat. I’d take a photograph of the vinyl, but I’ve never intended to open it.

No tour?!

According to this interview with Australia’s The Age, E has no plans to tour in support of Hombre Lobo.

Apparently the Eels’ last three tours, all worldwide and no doubt very taxing, has left E looking for something else to do with his time. Too bad; he’s almost eligible for senior citizens’ discount airfare.

(Well, not quite. I kid because I love!)

The goods new, though, is that he also hints in this interview that Hombre Lobo may be a stop-gap measure or at least a smaller part of a more ambitious undertaking.

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