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So my South African friends and I stumble back home at 3am in Andong, “cultural center of Korea,” and one of them turns on the television just to see if anything good is on. (Hint: there never is here.)

I wasn’t drunk, but I thought I was either inebriated or hallucinating when from out of nowhere I heard an Eels song. On Korean TV! At 3am!

Someone on the TV show — a news program, I think — seemed to be interviewing Korean high school boys about something. They were all pimply faced and in school uniforms. And the whole time I just heard “Let’s Ruin Julie’s Birthday.” What the heck!

Unfortunately, my SA friends seemed thoroughly non-plussed that a) my favorite band are the Eels and b) one of the band’s obscure songs was on Korean TV at 3am. So we turned the TV off and went to sleep. Hrm.


Okay, okay. E doesn’t contribute anything to commercials. So I take that back. BUT if the Eels have a spiritual connection to any commercial product it is–ironically, for a band that likes birds–Friskies. Read the rest of this entry »

Well, the 2010 Eels Performing Live tour is in full swing, and now that Tomorrow Morning has been released the setlists are changing from how they were at the beginning of the tour. Read the rest of this entry »

Tomorrow Morning is officially out, like, everywhere today. And I must say, you’re a damn fool if you don’t buy a copy. And there’s no accounting for taste, but if you don’t think it’s one of the best albums you’ve heard all year, well, I’m afraid that’ll make you a damn fool too.

So there’s no really no fighting it. Buy Tomorrow Morning and be highly pleased.

Zip over to the official website for the track listing and cover of Tomorrow Morning (along with more information on the upcoming tour and such). Looks pretty nice. Or if you can’t wait…

01. In Gratitude for This Magnificent Day
02. I’m a Hummingbird
03. The Morning
04. Baby Loves Me
05. Spectacular Girl
06. What I Have to Offer
07. This is Where It Gets Good
08. After the Earthquake
09. Oh So Lovely
10. The Man
11. Looking Up
12. That’s Not Her Way
13. I Like the Way This is Going
14. Mystery of Life

A live version of “What I Have to Offer” can be heard on the January 17, 2008 bootleg from E’s Things the Grandchildren Should Know release party at St. James’s Church in London. It’s pleasant, and it bodes well for the rest of the album.

Tourdates are available on the official website. The Eels are spanning the globe yet again, from Australia to Japan, across the US and all over Europe, so be sure to check out the dozens of dates. (And perhaps ask someone out on such a date?)

As it happens, I’ll be attending the September 26 show at Washington, DC’s 9:30 Club, which happens to be the day before my birthday. So certainly Obama will show up.

Tomorrow Morning will be a new 14-trackĀ album released in August 2010, a couple of weeks after the Eels kick off their next world tour. Yay!

Stay tuned for further updates.

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